Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eye-Candy Lover

Image Credit : Eye Candy

Velvet gloves feel like sandpaper,
sateen and silk become chemically
complexed in denial, compared to
a mere thought of the touch of his hands,
felt in the sound of his voice.

Lace and Oranza dream of the black
T-shirt glamour and change colour
by the hour with envy: they fail to feel
the Khaki's company that suit the man
they like to impress, to cover him with
kisses or to uncover his latest and greatest
adventures; taking off the tightest of his
play-boyish vacuum tight wrapping, no matter what flavor, as long as it feels just like the original.

"Thanks Miss, $8,50. Will you need a bag?"

She wakes from her daydream, her eye-candy lover goes up in air as she takes off the ice cream's cellophane cover. A perfect excuse, SHE knows her priorities

A poem by : Lydia Proschinger a.k.a @Serendipityjane

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