Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Sound of Life

Image Credit : fevos

It takes just a heart­beat to know you've fallen in love.
My heartbeat sped up the last time we danced.
Harder than the other mil­lions of beats my heart have ever pounded.
A beat without the drum.
All in rythm, all in order

It was the sound of love, my sound of life.
We embraced it com­pletely. The thought of it make my heart cringed.
You let me cross your heart, but I burdened it.
I tied your beautiful heart up with the ugly ribbon, and I sold it.
You fell for­ever more, and you're gone.

Then you lit­tered my head with madness.
My heart should be beating, but it's not.
I must admit I'm tired of saying I'm empty.
For once I real­ize, I have no more breath.
Forgive me, love.

A Poem by : Chezar Girin Natakusumah a.k.a @ChezarGN

About Writer :
The Architect Registration Examination (ARE), Visual Art, interest in tech, science, arts, photos, music and sports.
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Princess said...

*tears* Keren. A great piece, kak. Ben fatto. :)

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